Friday, March 11, 2016

Dylan Morin AMA #26E - Daytona GNC2 National Winner. His first National Win !

 Dylan Morin put on a wonderful display of smooth and fast Flat Tracking to go from a mid pack start to go around his competitors on an outside line that took him straight to front and the checkered flag, his first National victory.  Dylan broke his back in a high speed pile up at the Sacto Mile two years ago. Only recently has he begun his come back. These photos are from the SCFTA Final 2015, which was his re-entry into the sport and as you can see he has not lost any of his skill or passion for dirt tracking. As Chris Carr was saying tonight " The first one is the hardest to get" and I see this as the start of something big for Morin. He is a Local So Cal guy so we are all very proud of him.