Friday, January 24, 2020

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Pope Board Tracker

Mountains of Bullschiff again today from Shifty Schiff @ Impeachment Scam !

 Word of the day, " Bullschiff" This guy has nothing but B.S. and he knows it and so does the American Voting Public. Schiff is a disgrace to this Nation, along with his complete idiot co-horts.
Still nothing after 24 hours of grandiose lying. They have NOTHING and they know it.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Electric Flat Track

 Harley's proposed T.T. style E-bike.  I hope it comes with an XR 750 Sound Track blasting out of those ports in the front of the gas tank . Otherwise it is all, fingers on chalk board, gear whine. Lose that horrible euro-plate thingy on the back and it looks great.
 Most E-bike mfg, like this Zero, thinks that Lego like bikes are appealing to nerds who will buy these things. The Cake E-bikes are a perfect example in the Tesla truck, dumbed down, stick figure, four year old boys school of design.

 Blatant Moto gets it with their super simple but exciting looking E-FT'er.
The 1 MOTO SHOW has a class for E-Bikes Saturday night on the dirt oval inside the Memorial Colosseum. When these guys twist the throttle, it will be the first time all night, the crowd will be able to think due to a lack of screaming sickles. Will it be a deadly quiet ? Will the crowd yawn?

One Wheel Wednesday

Why pedal when you can putt.

Bubba Scrub