Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Exciting ! New ! BSA will be back in 2017

 Indian M/C manufacturer Mahindra, just payed $4.1 million for the BSA Brand. Resurrecting old brands must be easier than creating new brands from scratch, even if the old brand is known as "Bastard Stopped Again". I have been the proud owner of  BSAs, so I can't complain about the brand. Royal Enfield was different however, they actually bought the tooling and reproduced the funky old single. Fortunately, Mahindra did not buy any old BSA tooling for the likes of  B50s or B25s, thank God ! But a Classic BSA Gold Star 500 single from original tooling, might appeal to a whole bunch of us old fogies. I am not so sure a water-cooled, Indian made ,750 twin with a BSA badge will excite anyone on brand recognition alone. Look at the 500 and 750 Indian made Harleys, a complete failure worldwide. No one wants to throw a leg over those crapcicles. You really have to have something that is really cool and inventive and good value for money to even come close to being successful in this hugely competitive motorcycle market. Good Luck BSA, I hope you come out with something Brilliant, Sexy and Affordable.

1973 Trackmaster 175 Yamaha Special

Thee Wheel Fun


Greg Hancock wins his 4th World Speedway Championship...

and he is 46 years old, in possibly the most intense motorsport there is. 
Greg cut his Speedway teeth on the rough and tumble tiny bull rings of So Cal and it has definitely served him well. He beat the world's best who are all more than half his age. And he is not giving up, he wants at least one more Speedway World Championship. Go Greg !

Read all about his big win in this weeks Cycle News.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Best Honda 50 Step Through ever !

Custom Caddy

'57 Eldorado Bubbletop
 Elvis meets the Jetsons

The Stones Rocked Vegas

 Mick acts like he is 25 not 75 !
Ya typical Stones Fan and they are coming out with a new album in December