Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bill blows it.

Hillary, she can do everything........except keep her husband from chasing every piece of ass in town !

Fun Four Wheelers

JAWA 500 M.R.D.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bring on the Clowns

The Democrats are in trouble before they even start their convention tomorrow. Wikileaks exposed 10,000 emails that Clinton thought would never be read by outsiders. As a result the corruption within the Democratic party has been exposed and heads are rolling. The Chairwoman of the DNC is gone for good and rightfully so. The hypocrisy with which the top dogs of the party acted is the antithesis of a democracy, a perfect example of why she is called crooked Hillary and a shining example of why she definitely should never be President. With Wikileaks saying that they have tens of thousands more hacked emails that are devastating to both the DNC and H.C. and that they will release from here on, is just rewards for the Clintons and the party.

Trump ! Trump ! Trump !

The Republicans had a hugely successful GOP Convention with Trump looking like a shoe-in for the Presidency. He is a wildly accomplished business man and a leader both. Something that obviously has been missing in the current administration for the past eight years. Pence is a proven quality and a fine addition to the GOP ticket. They balance one another and are a very formidable team that will get this suffering nation back on its feet and booming again ( 92 million people out of work and given up looking..no jobs anywhere, but in Mexico). The political class has let us down for the last four decades. The lobbyists, the elitists, the globalists, the one world traders have had it, and not a moment too soon.

Fair enough to argue that Mr.Trump represents a huge risk. But honesty requires that the risk be weighed against a clear-eyed look at the certainties a Hillary Clinton administration would bring.

Nature is always right