Monday, November 20, 2017

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Oh, what a terrible mess Al is in. Couldn't happen to a bigger Ahole. What a pompous prick.

Leeann's introduction to us as the "Norton Girl" of 2000
Hopefully the last image we will ever see of this complete douche bag.

The Democrats - The Party for Women.......

Taking "The High Road" over and over again.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

DiBrino Bash @ SEE SEE Bean Juice and Bikes, Portland, Oregon.

 Andy holds onto his Grand Prize for winning the Super Hooligans Championship. He also won the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Championship and SEE SEE M/C threw a victory party for him.

 Super Duck Bill.
 SEE SEE threw a kegger with HUB IPA and Local Artisan Pizza, all free. Thank you, it was a great time.
 The Indian stood front and center but it was strictly a hands off deal. I would have sat every girl in the place on that bike and had my photo taken with them. Even thrown in a couple of Al Franken shots for fun, just kidding. That goof-ball should resign immediately, if not sooner. He really is a pompous, self righteous, hypocritical prick. At the Indian Pits at the Perris National they let you sit on a brand new Racer and make Brum Brum noises. Andy missed a golden opportunity to have some real fun.
 The knackered piston parade. Lots of horror stories here about hideous mechanical noises, locked rear wheels and over the bars endos.
 Good Advice.
 The "Best Van Ever"
 Not far from Portland in the heart of Washington State Bigfoot Country.

 Balmy, dry night in Portland. Ride'em while you can in this wet ,waterlogged son of a bitch.

Props to SEE SEE M/C Founder Thor, for putting this together.
Here he is flying his '85 CR250 Honda at the 50th Anniversary of Thursday Night Moto X in Portland, Oregon at the city owned Delta Park Track.
Thats Fifty Years of fantastic racing, right in the heart of Portland !