Wednesday, August 24, 2016

All today at the Orange Circle , Orange, Calif.

 Before and After, Real $teel.
 This is a genuine survivor.

 Late '40s Kurtis Kraft.

 This looks like fun.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Speedway 117 Chula Vista, Ca 50 Year Reunion. Sept 11th,2016

 Back in the'70s and early '80s there were three SoCal Dirt Half Miles. Ascot, Corona and Speedway 117 in San Diego. On Sept 11th they are having the 50th Anniversary of Southbay Speedway AKA, Speedway 117. Should be great for all us San Diegans and SoCalians who remember the good times and the flying dirt roost. Its a proper indoor event with speakers, movies and sit down meal. All kinds of racing machines that raced there will be on display in the parking lot. In sheer numbers the Flat Trackers had to out number all the four wheelers put together.

Brabham Formula B

Monday, August 22, 2016

AMA Pomona Grand National, Speedway Invitational 2012

Mees on fire in defence of No.1. Plate

Jared Mees has been riding the wheels off his Kenny Tolbert tuned, Rogers Racing Harley XR750. He has a 16 point advantage over his arch rival Bryan Smith on the Kawasaki. With two races left in the season, both Miles, Mees  must pull out all the stops to keep his points lead. At a distinct disadvantage to the Kawi 's top speed on the Miles, Mees will no doubt have to draft by Smith at the checkers which will be no easy task. Just being on the tail of the Kawi at the perfect time will be tough , he then has to get by Smith who uses every trick in the book to beat his rivals. This is an ideal situation for us fans and is the way championships should go down. Get prepared for some epic Flat Track.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Morris Minor Pick Up

 Cute little Morrie Minor Ute. Not too many of these around either. This one led a good life with a 1275 update and decent disc brakes. Those Cosmic Mags are terrific as is the red tonneau cover.