Monday, June 24, 2024

AFT Singles Bridgeport Half Mile. Kid Kopp, Tom Drane and Chase Sathoff put on a show.

B.J. Harris gets no respect. Normally the V.P. gets to run when the Pres. bows out. Not this time, Dems want nuttin' to do with the Kacklin' Kunt.

Trumps Inauguration Day, Jan 2025, Biden, Garland, Mayorkus and Ray will be arrested and jailed.

We have banded together to oust this Illigitimate Phoney President and his Corrupt Criminal Cartel on NOV 5th, 2024. FJB

Illegal Election Interference Never Ends with these Dem Liars.

Democrats Jan 6TH PsyOP Coming UNDONE

This traitor and Ray Epps will be the Dems undoing. Both assholes were instigators dressed in MAGA Gear at the Capitol Jan 6th. Ray Epps was given a $500 fine for his epic encouraging Patriots to carry out an Insurrection. This proves he was a Democrat Plant, otherwise he would be in prison with no Court Date, just like hundreds of Americans unjustly jailed. The Rebel Flag bearing jackass was in the Capitol Bldg as proved here. Another planted MAGA faker, stirring up trouble annd instigating rebellion. He is a Democrat favorite and is often seen cajoling with leading democrats. He actually sat with disgraced First Son, Hunter Biden at his hearing. No arrest for this traitor as the country asks....WHY NOT ?

Clear Choice on November 5th, 2024