Thursday, March 10, 2016

2016 AMA Grand National Championship - DAYTONA Kick Off , Short Track Round 1

 Sammy socks it to 'em at the opening round of the GNC Season, wearing Jet's #69. What a tribute to his late brother and a what a way to get the year going for Washington's #7.
 Brandon Robinson 2nd place, congratulates the Winner
 Dalton Gauthier rode the race of his life to win the GNC2 Short Track at Daytona 2016. His best lap was a 19.06, good enough for a top three in GNC1. And look who is back, Super Starter Kevin Clark, a show all on his own and the darling of the AMA Flat Track Fans nationwide.
Damn, that feels great !
A great night of intense racing on a new track that provided thrills and spills like no Daytona Short Track ever before. No one line racing anymore, if you can keep up, you have room to pass for the lead. Being Daytona, the pits were full of racing who's who, including the MotoCross contingent of Riders and MFGs who were supporting the Flat Trackers who wear their gear, Helmets, Outfits , Boots and race with their Pipes, Gears, Chains, Grips, Bars, Seats, Rims and Decal Kits
Several things stood out to me, Bryan Smith with a fine 5th Place, at one of the toughest tracks on the circuit for him. What a way to start his season. Jake Johnson back at Dave Zanotti Racing with a slick 6th place. Jake did a great job standing in for Brad on the Motor Co. ride last year and Dave's Harleys are second to none, so watch out for the #5 in 2016. The Hooligans may be something after all. Roland Sands won on an Indian and was 1.5 seconds off the GNC 1 winner's pace. Not bad for a big dog on a tiny track. Interestingly there was a Triumph Scrambler in the mix and a Yamaha Bolt. Great to see those and hopefully more of them. Harley's new 750 was conspicuously absent ? Tune in tomorrow at 3pm Eastern on for what should be a rip roaring AMA Grand National Championship Short Track Round II.