Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who will be FIRST ?

...To develop the new HONDA NC700X into a Grand National Contender. Due out this Summer the 670cc parallel twin has everything going for it. In stock form its 51HP worth of Low to Mid range torque. Honda claims it is faster to 75 MPH than their Crotch Rocket CBR600 ! Most intriguing is its 62 degree tip to the cylinders giving it a super low center of gravity ( and you could put the gas tank right behind the cylinders maximizing the low CG effect.) It really sounds awesome for our Dirt Track application. You get some of the GNC Tuners rubbing on this one, just a little bit, playing with its very narrow,SOHC 4 valve,EFI,270 phase crank,liquid cooled,balanced primary, 73mm X 80 stroke and it will be a dirt grabbing ,handling Winner. Can't wait to see and hear a special framed ,uncorked, bored out version of this with young go-getters like Briar Bauman and Jimmy Monaco twisting it wide open, leading a pack of Kawis, Trumpies, Ducatis, Suzukis ,Aprilias and XR750s down the front straight at every Mile and 1/2 Mile in America.