Thursday, February 9, 2012

James Monaco #23E

Here is another Nor Cal Kid who is on the gas. 16 years old with a knack for haulin' ass on a Flat Tracker, no matter if it's dirt or Coke syrup concrete. James showed up for the first race of the year at the Romero Vegas Indoor Short Track and immediately
put in a 5th fast in the Open, winning a spot in the Dash for Cash. Won the Top Gun class Saturday night and impressed everyone with his lightning pace and determination. A good number of Champions come out of the District 36 gene pool and James looks to be following in their tire tracks.
Controlled enough to keep it right down on the pole when it counts. No foot peg and ty-wrapped shift lever, standard cement set up.
You do well and famous motorcycle announcer Larry Huffman wants to talk to you.
James with Dad, Bub and brother Dominic.