Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trackmaster Triumph

This has been a formula for success for many decades. A good running hot rod 750 Triumph twin and a purpose built lightweight frame with all the correct geometry built in. This is a nice clean example with some heritage. As was the Trackmaster custom ,when they built a frame for someone they artfully welded his initials and number on the steering head. In this case GR 20, Gene Romero. No doubt this frame has been re-nickeled because they just don't stay that pretty after 40 years. Pirelli tire up front still works good on cushion tracks. ( And an old Carlise on the back is the still the best for the cushion, but you cant find one. )

Gene when he was National #20 at Ascot. He is ready for a rocky night with cardboard hand guards and taped on cardboard shin guards. No doubt he has a couple of layers inside his leathers to protect his chest.