Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sam's Short Track mount looks like it should. Roost blasted cases, Gear lever tied down so an encroaching front wheel or flailing boot doesn't knock it into "N". The bikes are geared to run in first gear the whole time so every race is wide open and wide eyed. No footpeg,just gets in the way. If you got a chance you might hang your carpeted foot on the re-used chain tensioner for a split seconds relief.
Sammy lines up in Pre-grid with a formidable crew. 42 Bailey Fox out of Graham,Washington smoked the whole field with a blazing Fast Lap in qualifying.On this track, with these competitors,it says one thing, Fox is Freakin' Fast ! Bailey Who? #80 Stevie Bonsey, always a potential winner when ever he throws a leg over a motorcycle,Road Racer or Flat Track and proved it by dominating Saturday nights Main on the Zanotti Honda 450. #35 Brad Mueller,another Washingtonian who is on the gas. The N.W. has always been a hot bed of Dirt Track Talent.