Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sam Halbert rolled the dice in Las Vegas

but didn't come up with any winners. Not through lack of effort,however. The South Point Cement Short Track requires lots of skill and typical for Lost Wages, a great deal of good luck.
The track is coated with Coke syrup initially to give the bikes some traction until they lay down a good base of rubber. Then supposedly there is traction everywhere but, it is a finicky surface that can catch you out in a split second. Sam suffered from some massive lack of traction on one or two occasions which didn't help his results. Here he seems to have all the grip in the world.

Sam's Furry Foot with Sponsors.
Carpet is the main choice but Tape ,Leather and Cardboard seem to work pretty good too.
From Daytona to Salinas,Perris and Vegas Sam's No.7 Yamaha 450 War Horse is chomping for the Checkers. And after all this tuning up ,watch Sam GO in Florida in the very near future.