Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gene Romero Triumph and Honda

The Las Vegas, Gene Romero West Coast Flat Track Series Double Header was a dream weekend for a Flat Track fan like myself. Slow Wayne Karcich was racing in the Vintage class and invited me to hang out with his group of buddies who were racing there. They included David Zanotti and a small group of guys,Steve,JT,Dante,Bub, Dennis Kanegae and Stevie Bonsey (Won Saturday's main event)and his Dad and John Kocinski who was riding Dante's Can Am 360. Sorry for name dropping,but like they say,when you got'em, smok'em. Two days of racing euphoria was followed by an unexpected treat. Wayne took Gene Romero and myself to see the Redrock H.D. collection. Hangin' with Gene was incredible,after all he has been a Hero of mine for nearly 5 decades, so this was an auspicious occasion to say the least.Romero is a First Class Gentleman and gifted raconteur.Thanks Wayne and Gene.
42 years later, Gene is reunited with the Triumph Triple he set the complete banked Daytona M/C record on.He told us the Dunlop tire guy came to him and said, you want the lap record, put a front tire on the back and the bike will haul ass for the three laps you get. They took the guy's advice and Gene grit his teeth for three laps with wallowing handling right up against the wall,praying the tire would go the distance. It did and the record stands to this day.

The Trident today in it's original condition except for the short course seat.
Gene Romero's contribution to Honda's Flat Track success is legendary. Gene stands by the Honda RS 750 that as Racing Manager, he developed into the absolute dominating force it became.