Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Three stunning examples of Honda's dedication to winning.
Doug Chandler's Honda 500 Single.
Slow Wayne (not really,fast enough to put his 500 Yamaha in the Trophy Dash in the Vintage Class,and past Champion) and Gene discussing some of the incredible memorabilia in the Redrock shrine to speed.In the background, Jim Rice's Goldie from his JR years,in totally original condition just like he rolled it out of the back of the Econoline for Friday nights Ascot in 1967.
REDROCK HARLEY DAVIDSON, Las Vegas, Nevada. Owned by Mr.Don Andress who is an absolute Motorcycle Freak with impeccable taste. The Dealership is an Aladdin's Cave for Motorcyclists of all kinds.
Amongst the shiny new H.D. inventory, pedigree racing and classic machines add to the
exciting ambience. Thank you Don, beyond awesome. Don't miss REDROCK H.D. when you are in Vegas. You know it's going to be good when you pull up and see two giant bill boards of both Joe Leonard on his KR and Joe Petrelli on his Pea Shooter.
Steve Baker's TZ750 brought a flurry of memories for Gene,from when the outrageous ring-dings ruled the world.