Monday, October 3, 2011

Jake Johnson dominates in Calistoga

Riding like a true Champion, Jake Johnson ,aboard his No.1 Zanotti Harley dominated at the AMA Calistoga 1/2 Mile. The victory did not come easy as a determined and fast Sammy Halbert blazed from the start and lead for a few laps. Jake chased him down and just got out front when Jared Mees blew a motor and dropped it, bringing out the red flag. Jake held them all off from the restart and Sammy and Bryan Smith followed him across the line with Aussie Luke Gough in fourth after an amazing ride on the hard pulling Kawi. After a long and controversial reading of the rule book, Jake rightfully leads the Championship with Mees four points behind and Sammy another four behind Mees. It's On at Pomona, be there!
Cool Hand Jake relaxes on his XR while Dave Zanotti gets ready for another big night of racing.

Mike Hacker, Flat Tracker extraordinaire, is a vital cog in the works at Zanotti Racing.

The quality of the racing machinery at an AMA National is a sight to behold. Zanotti builds a Masterpiece of Mechanical Art, that is not only beautiful to admire but sounds like King Neptune himself blowing through a double barreled conch shell as it digs out of the corners and blasts down the straights.