Monday, October 3, 2011

CALISTOGA 1/2 Mile National

The Calistoga 1/2 mile National was the second in a trilogy of West Coast Flat Track Races. The fans on the left coast got to enjoy the incredible Sacramento Mile, followed by the Motorcycle Event that is Calistoga and two weeks later we will revel in what will be a barn burner, the battle for the coverted NO.1. plate between three of the best of the best, New Jersey Jake Johnson vs Madman Mees vs Comes out swingin' Sammy Halbert, at Pomona in Sunny So Cal. All three AMA Nationals promoted by the most popular guy in the West ,Bob Bellino.
The Calistoga National is in the quaint Gold Rush, Napa Valley town built in the 1870s. The track is damn near smack in the middle of town,nestled in amoungst the shady trees that give the place its nice feel. They take their racing seriously ,which is mainly Sprint Car action. The place is packed with Dirt Track who's who. We squeeze up to the bar at the local breakfast place and look over at the next table it's Mert, Bruce Brown and Jim Rice and Mr and Mrs Larry Langley. Tried not to stare.
Bob Bellino puts on a show and the fans love it. He has been around Dirt for years. This is his old mount. A well used Trumpet Trackmaster, with a TT front Wheel and 1/2 Mile foot controls. Yes, I too look at that sticker and remember Rod Farris who died too young, but doing what he loved.