Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Right between 1 and 2. The track was awesome and held up well and didn't Blue Groove up.
Eventual Winner Bryan Smith interviewed before the heats.
Each Rider has about 100 Plus of these. Anymore and your drive goes up in smoke. They had these Cowboy Cops all around the outside of the track to discourage broke ass fans from jumping the fence. The loud music from the bikes didn't phase the horses at all.
Wow ,I cant believe it, Hotties at an AMA Flat Track Race! Things are really looking up.
The Mile is a big track and although you can see the bikes all the way around the track at night, it really is nice to have this big screen to see all the action up close,I think this is the single biggest improvement for the spectators ever. Bob Bellino goes the extra mile ( no pun intended)to make the races super entertaining.