Monday, August 1, 2011

Sacramento Mile 2011

The Sacramento Mile turned out to be an absolute classic Flat Track race. Chris Carr was determined to win one at his home track in his last season before retiring. From the line Chris was on it,giving it his all. National No.1, Jake Johnson was not going to be left behind and challenged him aggressively and worked his way by Chris who then had to deal with a hard charging Sammy Halbert and an always fast Kenny Coolbeth. By lap two Chris was in third and put his experience to work and drafted his way right back to the lead. Carr and Johnson opened up a slight gap and a battle royale ensued with so many passes for the lead, the crowd was going hoarse. Bryan Smith was lurking slightly behind and soon closed the gap and joined in the drafting duel. This is exactly what the sold out ,standing room only crowd had come to see and they were willing their home town boy on and he was feeling it. Carr was riding like the Champ he is and these three guys put on a show. Drafting one another, pulling out
and going handlebar to handlebar around Sacto's long corners. Smith held first on the last lap and had to be thinking this is the wrong place to be, so he threw in a little block jig that he hoped would put a glitch in Carr's progress,and it worked. Annoyed,Chris wound it up for a last chance, at the checkers draft pass but came off the last corner with a little too much wheel spin and just could not get it done. Bryan Smith was one happy camper,Chris not so much. Thats racing. Jake was right there on their tails in third. The crowd loved it and swarmed into the Pits to celebrate with the whole Sideways Circus. The Sacto Mile is Back!
Here are the 18 Riders in the Main, in order of finishing position.