Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sacramento Mile 2011

Smith, Carr and Johnson after an exhilarating ding dong fight for the win. Reconfirming that Big Bore Twins put on the best racing on wheels,two or four.
Presenting "The Colors",the National Anthem and the Invocation is a tradition that precedes all major motorsport events,and I love it.
Mr.Bob Bellino, Flat Track Promotor extraordinaire,knows how to make a race an event.Thanks Bob for bringing Flat Track back to the West Coast. The Sacto Mile was fantastic and we are all looking forward to Calistoga and Pomona.
Looking back down the front straight at about the 3/4 mark.
Same spot looking down to Turn 1. I was amazed how deep into the corner they keep the throttle pinned. The blue signs right on the track is where they finally relent and wipe off some speed for the long run around through 2.