Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wild Man Kenny Brown, the rest of the story.

In November of 1968 I was a 16 year old kid emigrating to the USA from Adelaide, South Australia. The Family's first stop was Fiji for gas in the 707. Second stop Honolulu, Hawaii for three days of acclimatization to the American Lifestyle. All my fears of leaving my great life behind, evaporated the first night there in Wikiki. They cruise the main drag, what seemed like all night long. It was Muscle Cars, American Mags , V8s and Cherry Bombs, Metal Flake and Chrome, Harley Davidsons and Hondas, BSAs and Triumphs. I was a convert and a true believer. Just before we boarded the plane for the mainland, I bought the December issue of Cycle Guide with the brand new Trident on the cover. "The long awaited three-cylinder Triumph Trident makes its official debut. Three of a kind beats a pair. Triumph 750 Trident". In that magazine, which I still have to this day, is the feature on Wildman Kenny Brown. I just loved the story and the photos and its why I keep it. Flash forward twenty five years and me and my good buds, all long term residents of the L.A.'s South Bay, have our annual space at the El Camino Swap meet. I have been talking with this nice guy who is looking at all our stuff and shooting the shit, we introduce ourselves and I say, Not Kenny Brown the Triumph Stunt Rider? Yeah, thats me ! I tell him my story, he knows what I'm talking about and promises to come back next year and sign my magazine. Which he did. A couple of years ago I posted those two photos on the JJ and recently other guys appreciated the sheer coolness of the photos of The Wildman and his antics. I mean, sitting on the bars backwards, broadies ! First the Selvedge Yard, ChopperDaves, StreetandStripAGOGO and now the fantastic enhancement by the Sideblog Blokes. Kenny, where are ya ?
We want give you props and hear all your Racing and Stunt stories.