Friday, April 27, 2018

Kenny Coolbeth Jr. Wins Atlanta Short track and leads AFT Series

BREAKING NEWS ! Coolbeth Wins Atlanta Short track on Nila Racing INDIAN.
Three Time Champion Jared Mess caught CHEATING with a chemically altered tire to win Main
now DISQUALIFIED and had his victory taken away plus points, prize money and is on Probation for 1 year. Having your reputation sullied as a cheater is the biggest embarrassment. Was he aware and complicit in the deceipt or was this an Indian / Rogers Racing, Kenny Tolbert conspiracy ? Oh, the intrigue !
A big shake-up indeed that will no doubt raise issues with past Wins where the tire was suspect.
To attempt this scam takes cajones as rear wheels are often confiscated after the Main to check chemically and for weight. How will the powers that be at Wig Wam Racing take this and what will they say ?