Monday, April 30, 2018

Cheaters prosper in AFT ! Institute the SCARLET LETTER rule for Cheaters !

If caught cheating a large red C is added in front of your Number on all three plates, for the amount of races in that particular season. If you get caught cheating in the last race of the year and there were 15 races that year, you get Scarlet Lettered for the next 15 races. Hey Dad! why does that guy have a big C on his #plates? Oh son, thats 5 Time Champ!!!! Jared Mees who thought the rules of racing didn't apply to him, they are just for all honest competitors in the AFT.

How and why in the world don't the AFT have rules that really punish cheaters. Why wasn't Cheater Mees disqualified for three consecutive races. The AFT are weak and they gave Mees a hand spanking. Take his Prize money away, big deal, it's measly and we all know it. He gets payed Big Bucks by Indian who we still haven't heard a word from about this most egregious and low brow act.

Taking his points away is serious and it would carry some serious weight if you took Three Race Points away. One races points CAN make a huge difference at the end of the year, but it is the equivalent of one DNF, mechanical or crash. You can live with it as a cheater and you factor it into attempting the heinous act. If cheaters knew they would be disqualified for three races they certainly would not try it, if they are really competing for the title.

Cheater Mees should be fined and substantially. Indian Motorcycles should be fined , a lot.

Contingencies on the race should not be paid . If provisional starts are available they should be denied for the remainder of the season. Make cheating an expensive proposition when caught by having fair ( to all the other competitors ) deterrents.

Usually cheating and winning don't go hand in hand but in this case they might. In 2016 Mees narrowly escaped being disqualified for the same tire doping BS. He was only saved by a technicality in who had possession of the tire 100% of the time. They had Mees's definitely doped tire but there was a brief period where the AMA couldn't say they had the wheel in their control, leaving the minutest sliver of doubt in Mee's favor. He dodged the bullet then but couldn't resist the temptation to try it again.

Cheater Mees is also a big proponent of giant victory burnouts and really the only guy doing it. Is this to eliminate any traces of tainted rubber post race but pre inspection?

All this is such a shame and spoils Mees's legacy as multi-time Champ and idol to Fans and young racers alike. Too bad, in this day and age where heroes and respected public figures are being exposed as cheaters and ner-do-wells. Add Mees to the growing list of douche bags like the public moralist Cosby, Franken, Wienstein and Confers. Everyone of these at one time looked up to and revered only to find out they were cheaters and lying scum

The AFT are taking this lightly in my opinion and it hurts the sport tremendously. The AFT are weak and won't deal with it forthrightly. The reason must be their Star Rider is tainted and he rides for the team that has put the most money into Flat Track in decades and they don't want to upset their great start and hard work. In other words, straight forward and honest direction is fouled by gutlessness due to politics.

To clear this up for all competitors and fans and the new AFT, the guilty parties should have their day
to face questions and explain what happened. The only statement made so far is from Cheater Mees who says that he accepts the AFTs judgement. Thats a pathetic response and unacceptable. Lets have a riders meeting like affair where Mees, Rodgers, Tolbert and Indian Motorcycles explain themselves and field questions. Our wonderful Sport was doing so well and growing in leaps and bounds only to be kicked in the balls with a cheating scandal by none other than the No.1 Rider and his No.1 Team.
And the governing body wants to ignore it completely.
You couldn't make it up, no one would believe you !