Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Roger De Coster, "The Man" Puyallup, Washington Mid 70's

 Roger De Coster in the early 80's. I took this photo at "The Superbikers" Carlsbad , Calif.
 These shots are from Puyallup, Washington in the mid 70's Trans Am Race. Track is a bit muddy, not bad for the miserable N.W. weather, the sun is out and it is not raining ! Roger was chasing Pierre Karsmakers on the factory Honda and got a little mud build up on his googles...
 So he pitched them and soldiered on without them.
 He was pretty close to Karsmakers (right).

 The tracks were fairly smooth and very fast. The crowd came to see De Coster and Brad Lackey.
 Roger rippin'
 Karsmakers Factory Honda.
 Marty Smith? Team Honda
 Honda Factory Rider , Chuck Sun?
Bad Brad flying the USA Helmet.