Monday, October 3, 2016

Larry Lawrence of Cycle News has his finger on the pulse of Flat Track

Here is some incredible insight into the sport we love. Larry Lawrence is a wealth of knowledge
and conveys his thoughts so nicely. He covers the tumultuous end of the Grand National Championship with grace. I think Flat Track fans world-wide and all Cycle News readers would greatly appreciate a weekly Flat Track column written by Mr. Lawrence. With all that is going on with new bikes and teams and rules and governing bodies, the intrigue and interest demand a wordsmith like Larry to convey it all to us, the hungry Flat Track Family ( If you are a fan, your family. That is one of the best aspects of our sport.) I mean, the magazine is digital and unlimited in size, so please, Cycle News, let Larry entertain and inform us every week.

So you don't strain your eyes on my phone grab photo, go to and read it and sign up for the best free digital motorcycle magazine, no money can buy!