Monday, October 3, 2016

Feets is dead. Sad news indeed

 Chuck "Feets" Minert a SoCal Motorcycle Man of renown has passed on. A sad day here in the Southland for sure. Feets was a prominent racer his whole life. A loyal BSA fan and one of BSA's finest ambassadors. He rode all forms of motorcycle racing and excelled at them all. Feet's feats are legendary and he was greatly appreciated everywhere he went.  My intro to Chuck Minert was in 1980 when I started competing in the "Lightweights M/C"  TT series that raced daytime races at Ascot, Saddleback and Perris. I was a keen dirt bike fan before this and was well aware of Mr. Minert and many of his great accomplishments. So it was a great delight for me to see him competing in the same series. Feets was no spring chicken at this stage but he always managed to chew up and spit out those that were in his class and everyone else too. Chuck rode his Gold Star with aplomb, always on the gas and haulin' but what seemed effortless. I am honored to have been in his presence at those races and to have witnessed the man applying his craft and he, enjoying it so much. God Speed Chuck.