Monday, October 10, 2016

Kayl Kolkman AMA National #98 Yamaha 700

 There are a good number of great flat trackers in the So Cal region and Kayl is right at the top of the group. Saturday night at the Perris Auto Speedway Half Mile, he put in another excellent ride on his own Yamaha 700 , chasing 2016 National Champ Jared Mees all the way to the checkers for a fine second place. His Yamaha seemed to have the beans to keep right with the new Indian, leading me to believe it won't be such of a run away for the Racing Redskins this coming season. I hope Kayl can run the entire schedule next year and now he finally has some competitive equipment, really showcase his flat track chops. Go Kayl !

Great night for Team 98 at the Perris Half Mile.