Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kenny Coolbeth JR Wins The Springfield Mile in spectacular fashion !

 Kenny used his vast drafting expertise to hunt down the ultra quick Kawi of Bryan Smith and blast around him on the outside line coming out of turn four and lead at the Checkers to win the Springfield mile in a stunning upset. Kenny is the oldest racer in the field and smartest and most determined . To beat the Green Meanie at it's own game is monumental and it says heaps about Coolbeth's skill and the Zanotti Racing Harley XR750. Big money would bet that Smith would win both this and the last race of the year, The Santa Rosa Mile at the end of the month. Well, after this masterful display of skill and Harley horsepower, a lot of pundits will be reassessing  Smith's chances and Coolbeth's momentum to get it done one more time. Go Kenny, Zanotti Racing !
Kenny Coolbeth on his Factory Harley a few years ago.