Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Jim McMurren AMA GNC #11

 Visited with my bud Jim yesterday. He is layed up again but still smiling when he can. If you know Jim, give him a call. Being a life long Flat Tracker, he has lots of wonderful stories about the Golden Era, when he earned his National Number and the cast of characters that made up the scene.
 Jim hung up his steel shoe not to long ago due to medical issues. He raced hard from the start to the end of his racing career and enjoyed every minute of it. 
 Jim battles Bugsy at his favorite track Sante Fe , Chicago, IL
 Racing his grade school friend Cal Rayborn at Sante Fe. Both from San Diego, they ventured back East for the racing season every year.
 Back on the West Coast at Ascot, Pro Jim keeps up and comers Aldana on Yamaha Twin and Mark Brelsford at bay.
 Houston Astrodome, going at it with Nixon and Bart Markel
Bugsy Mann and Jim get the jump on the field at Sante Fe.