Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Black Hills Half Mile - Rapid City. SD

 What a great display of first class Flat Tracking. Mees and Winner Bryan Smyth involved in a relentless, high speed attack on one another in exemplary clean and aggressive manner.
 Lap after lap like this until a couple of back markers tangled and went down ,bringing out the red flag.
 Single line restart with Smith taking the point which he put to good use and held off a determined Mees. Mees had surly expected to be able to have a distinct advantage on his Harley over the wheel spinning Kawi. Not the case!
 Smith rode flawlessly, letting his opponent go when it was prudent and pouncing when he needed to.
 Mees, The Champ, getting better with age. But couldn't hold his advantage when it counted.
Incredible ride by both guys. Kenny Coolbeth again on the podium with a fine well earned third place.
 Brad blew up his Factory Harley again. No, his Factory Harley let him down again ( like he said, for the 4th time this year) and no more Mr. Nice Guy, Brad is pissed and rightfully so. The young Champion deserves a first class ride. When is he going to get it? He did turn the fastest lap of the race. Like they say " They really go before they blow ! "
 New face to me, Cameron Smith who rode the wheels off his 450 to win a GNC2 Heat.
Another first time GNC2 National Heat Winner, Charlotte King who showed lots of style and speed and her rear wheel to all the guys in her Semi.