Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lima Half Mile - Thats what Flat Track racing is all about !

 Two restarts,one for Canadian Multi-time Champion  Don Taylor who we hope is OK and another for Sammy who is OK but bummed as he wanted to win this race for the 4th time in his career
 Brandon Robinson had them covered all day but only because of his dogged defense of the lead.
He was hounded by the pack and attacked by Mees and Baker pretty viciously with super close slide jobs and front wheel, rear wheel contact. It did not faze him and he powerslid his Harley to a glorious win.
 Brandon Robinson wins with Mees coming on hard to loose by 0.0403.
 Baker, Smith and Johnny Lewis on the Ducati make up 3rd,4th and 5th.
 Sammy highsides out of contention, fortunately he was OK.
 Fantastic intersecting elliptical racing lines dominate all the races and was a joy to witness. We need more of these pea-gravel tracks. Deep cushion , big balls and big beautiful slides were the order of the day. Incredible skill and courage on display. Flat Tracking at it's best.
Mees and Baker put up one hell of a fight but Robinson kept them at bay with some phenomenal riding. Congratulation Brandon Robinson on a really well earned victory.