Saturday, June 25, 2016

Battle of Britain - FU to the EU

Congratulations to the good citizens of Great Britain, you trounced the know it alls, the do gooders, the elitists, the globalists, the corporate pukes, the "you idiots obviously don't know jack shit and we need to have complete control and tell you how to wipe your arse" maggots.

Thank goodness common sense prevails in now, really Jolly Old England.

This demonstrates to your Yank cousins, here in the United States of Sheeple, just what needs to be done in November. The audacity of our leading party is an insult to America. Clinton's blatant deceitfulness leaves good people wondering how anyone could vote Democrat, are they morally broken ?  H.C. leads her criminal band spewing complete mindless, bull shit peace, love and tolerance for radical towel heads, while she sells us out to the highest bidder for a pittance for her Foundation's coffers.When Trump is President, I hope he prosecutes her, for her vast criminal repertoire.   Hooray for Donald L.Trump for calling her out . He needs our votes to straighten this shit out. We need him to rid our country of the old bloodsucking vermin that has been holding our country down for their own pleasure and power. Enough.
Support Trump in our Battle of these United States of America. Long live the Republic and the Patriots that make it breathe free.