Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Isle of Man Practice Week in progress

The Isle of Man TT Practice Week is in full swing and the excitement is building for next weeks complete program. Weather on the Island is always a factor and hopefully they get a dry week.
 Records from 1969 TT.
 Malcolm Uphill on a production 1969 Triumph Bonneville just missed the ultimate 100.00mph average for the race with a blistering 99.99mph average. His first standing start lap was 100.09mph, his second 100.37mph ( fasted production lap to date) and he slowed just a smidgen on his last lap for the record 99.99mph for the Production Bike TT.
Not bad for a stock engined '69 Triumph Bonneville.
Alan Barnett on a Kirby Matchless Metisse single 500, averaged over 100mph for the three laps of the Senior TT. The only other rider to do so during the TT was none other than Ago on both his 350 MV 101.87mph and 104.75mph on his MV 500.