Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sacramento Mile National Today !

 The Sacramento Mile has a long and varied history. Here Lone Star JR, Johnny Rutherford negotiates a thick cushion at the 1967 USAC race. The AMA prefer a hard surface that if riders and spectators are lucky, does not turn into a narrow groove affair. If we are lucky we will see some side by side racing in the corners tonight. Fanschoicetv coverage begins at 2.30 pm PCT with the Heats starting at 7.00pm PCT.
 Looking back down the long straight from the line.
 Crossing the line . This is where you want to be if you are leading this thing.
 They roll right into turn one throttle wide open before they chop it and get turned  and set up for the long arc around through 2.
 Looking back at Turn 1.
 Turn 4 and you better be close to wide open , feet up and tucked in right here.
 Turn 3
 Sacto Mile 1967
Bryan Smith has won so many Sacto Miles in a row, we've lost count and after the Arizona Mile you would be crazy to bet against him tonight. A highlight of the program tonight is the battle of the Titans Scotty Parker VS Jay Springsteen in a 4 lap shoot out.