Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bryan Smith on his Kawasaki, Crosley Radios, Howerton Racing and Esparaza backed machine wins his 6th Sacramento Mile in a row

After the flogging the AMA Grand National field took at the "Arizona Mile" at the throttle hand of Bryan Smith on his  Howerton Hot Kawasaki, it was no surprise at the very next mile, the field had taken a week to gather their thoughts as to how to handle the Mean Greenie. Unfortunately the Sacramento Mile turned into a narrow blue groove that means, follow the leader in the corners and draft down the straights. The XR750s being at a disadvantage because they corner like the diggens but get eaten alive on the straights by the 42. Dave Zanotti Racing's Senior Throttleman and Flat Tracker surpreme, Kenny Coolbeth Jr. decided the best attack was to stay glued to Smith's back wheel like  chewing gum sticking to the bedpost overnight. It worked, almost. For 19 and 3/4 of a mile Kenny bit his tongue and resisted the urge to draft past his rival. Others did not. Baker who had a really tough night up until this point could not resist and pulled out from third into the lead. BANG ! went another Vance and Hines XR ( Brad graciously thanked the Team and V&H. Brad I hope you are coming unglued behind closed doors, because you deserve way better than the unreliable crap you are riding) . Smith and Coolbeth were very lucky not to slam up Brads ass. Bonsey inherited third place and hung on for dear life until he too had a shot at the slingshot to the front. Bonsey is very experienced as a three time National winner and he used his 6th sense to say , don't do it. Thank you Stevie, that showed real maturity. Coolbeth stalked ( through some trailbraking weirdness from a pressured Smith) until the very last moment and pulled out coming to the line only to sidedraft Smith and follow him across the line by a half a wheel. Smith wins 6 in a row and the Harleys are so close it hurts.