Friday, November 20, 2015

Grand National Championship Final Tonight Las Vegas

 To decide the Grand National Championship on an untried 1/10th mile dirt bull ring track is a insult to the riders extreme efforts throughout the year and to their abilities. This will be a crap shoot where the start is critical and usually the  deciding factor on these pipsqueak tracks. It will be like the Daytona short track but much worse in the sense that you get the holeshot and pole putt to the checkers. The Final should be on a Half Mile or Mile where the Riders get to use the Twins they have battled on all year and get to race fair and square and where the start is not everything.
 Brad Baker is back and out to regain his status in the ranks. He is a fantastic Short Tracker and if last Saturdays Perris Pro Extravaganza is any indication, Brad will be the one to beat.

 Jeff Carver is always in contention and will definitely be a factor in the Orleans Final.
Englishman Oly Brindley #24i had his first Pro race at Perris last weekend and showcased his talents with a 5th Saturday and a 3rd Sunday. I hope he keeps it rolling in Vegas. He will be competing both nights.
 They had three starts at this years Daytona and the third worked magic for Stevie Bonsey. He rode a brilliant race to take the checkers.
 Bonsey is a fighter and a scapper and has considerable bull ring experience including Three wins on the 1/10th mile South Point Cement in Las Vegas. Of course his Daytona Short Track victories proves he knows how to get out front and stay there.
 Kenny Coolbeth has to ride the wheels off his Zanotti racing Honda and he will . If things go his way and the cards stack up perfectly, he will be Grand National Champ again. That would be COOL !
 Mikey Rush is another bull ring specialist and could definitely put it together both nights in Vegas.
Kayl Kolkman is on the cusp and with a little Las Vegas luck could definitely take the Grand National victory in Sin City.