Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fickle Finger of Fate AMA Finals Las Vegas

Sorry Race Fans but that sucked ! The AMA Final in Las Vegas looked like a local race put on at a home made track in the south fourty. They said 1/10th mile oval, that must have been on the outside pole. With the diamond shape of the infield, designed for some t-boning action, the tiny track on the pole must have been 1/12th mile. With corners so tight that Pros are regularly stalling out trying to negotiate them. Hardly what you call Championship caliber.

The continuous problem with these tiny tracks is that they are unfair. Take Brad Baker for example.
Blatantly taken out in a classic T-bone knock-down, while leading, he gets put on the penalty line for being involved in the wreck. Right next to the idiot who took him out. It is so obvious that he was an innocent victim, yet he is punished for something he had zero control over. This ended his chances for the whole event. Why wouldn't the organizers red flag the race, put Baker in his rightful spot and have the dipshit who caused it excluded. (It was so blatant, exclusion is only fair. If it was a racing incident ,then back to the penalty line). The race only got worse. Baker fought his way back to the front with great effort, followed by his T-Bone expert who snuck past Baker at an opportune time and won the race. Now the guy who used ghetto fight tactics to take out his competitor gets the win. Not Championship cailber Grand National Racing.

When you are at the mercy of your larcenist competitors it is nothing but the fickle finger of fate as to what your outcome will be no matter how hard you try.  You may say Rules are Rules and we have been doing it this way for 100 years. Change the rules and make it fair both for the racer who gets taken out and the perpetrator.

Briar Bauman won fair and square with a great display of skill and determination.

Joe Kopp came back for a one off ride and was the high light of the event. He was on the ground a few times but in typical Kopp style came back and almost won it. What a ride and he saved the event.

Jared Mees rode like the Champ he is and cinched the NO.1 Plate prior to the Main, so his motivation had to be a little less during those last laps. He had a great night and was the big winner in Las Vegas on Friday night.