Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sidewinders, Clackamas, Oregon

 The epicenter of Flat Track racing in Portland, Oregon for many great years. The little track provided great excitement and pleasure for the many fans who flocked to it every Friday night in the very short Oregon summer. The track was very unique, built on the side of a hill it was either uphill or downhill. Turns two and four were the action spots. Two was the crest of the hill where the bikes got light and feet up, full throttle sliding was the only way around. Four was at the bottom of the hill with grandstands ringing the action which was right in your face. Sidewinders was my intro to Motorcycle Dirt Track and I think I was hooked in the parking lot before even going in when I heard the screaming Triumphs attacking the track. What a wonderful place and what great memories us Fans have of it etched in our memories. I often put myself back there, in the stands, I can see them and hear them and still smell the Burgers and Bean Oil.

The World of Speed, Wilsonville, Oregon have this fantastic Sidewinders display that captures some of the magic.