Friday, July 17, 2015

Laconia National Road Race 1963

 Jody Nicholas looks back at second place Geo. Roeder with two laps to go.
 Getting ready to take the white flag for the last lap, Nicholas drops it at the hairpin
 Roeder passes the downed BSA but Nicholas picked the still running bike and beat Roeder to the Checkers !
 Reiman 55 , Haast 74 and Tony Murquia 50 flat track through one of Laconia's tight turns
Mann 64 BSA fought through to a fine 3rd. Ralph White had the only fairing in the field on his H.D.
 Tony Woodman 70, Norton 500 twin won the Amateur 50 miler.
 Tight racing BSA vs H.D.
 Two H.D.s flat footing it through the hill top turn.