Saturday, May 9, 2015

Deus Ex Machina Bike Build Off 2015 - " UNHOLY TERROR"

 My Deus Build Off entry, a tribute to Ed Roth and his Unholy Terror Triumph of the early '60s .
Put together from a pile of Trumpet parts but basically a '68 Bonneville, Ceriani front end, 
full race motor but still 650, Norris "R" cams, 11.5:1, big valves/springs in trick head, balanced,
false neutrals welded up in g/box, 34 Mickey Big Mouths, Sweptbacks with open Bates XR750 megas,
Bates seat and Palm Prong Fairing and Tail section to reflect the San Diego Cafe Racer, Surfy Wind and Sea Tiki Hut feel down here in SoSoCal.
 The original art work showing what Triumphs did best, slaying slow Hogs. 
Just like the old Harley poem quotes"Fear the Fast Limeys".

 Tail Section Trash Talk. My good bud and Hot Rod Artist, Boogieman painted his rendition of
the Terror. I was introduced to Flat Trackin' in the Great N.W., Sidewinders, Castle Rock and the 
Astros and Montesas were prone to this salute. The Brit bikes favored more conservative 
"Cheerio" or " Toot-a Loo" and all kinds of variations of insults," Bye-Bye-Bitch"
 Palm Prong Fairing  is rigid and aerodynamic

 King Palm Prongs are everywhere in our neck of the woods. A little whittling and presto a Tail Section and Fairing.
 Poppa Wheelie Garage "Unholy Terror" at the Bike Build Off.

Made the most of my trip back to San Diego from Venice  by cruising  PCH .
 Stopped at the other Aussie Icon, Rip Curl in San Clemente and ate at Pedro's Tacos South
 Pulled into Swami's as I always do and was swarmed by enthusiastic surfers who were chillin' waiting for waves. They got it and dug it. "Fire it up"was their immediate reaction. A lot of them stepped back wide eyed when it came to life .

I enjoyed the whole adventure. Putting the bike together, getting up there to Venice, meeting the Deus Folks and the other guys with bikes and then hangin', eating,  drinking and rocking to the Snakes and then packing up and staying with some old L.A. pals and cruising home the next day. I hope to do it again next year.