Friday, May 8, 2015

2015 Deus Ex Machina Bike Build Off - America

The 2015 Deus Ex Machina Bike Build Off  took place on 5 continents on Sunday, May 3rd. My first time attending a Deus event and what a great one it was in Venice ,Calif.  Build a bike that can be ridden, making the most with the least. Sounds easy until you get wrenchin' and then it's easy to go overboard as illustrated by some pretty incredible machines on display. Deus knows how to throw a party and everybody who showed up had a great time. Great crowd, rockin' six piece band including a bad ass Sax player, tasty food and a lot of, on tap Boomtown IPA. And of course 30 plus specials built specifically for this Build Off. The top three bikes at each of the 5 events world-wide will be judged on line by you and me to decide one winner. This years Venice Judges were, Last years Build Off winner , the Bixby Bros. and  Dana Brown who made the Surf, Off-Road and Bike movies that we all know and love. Also Brian Bent, Soul Surfer, Philosopher, Rockabilly Punk Guitar Hero and Artiste in paint, metal and mixed media including gasoline powered wheeled wonders. Heading up the group was Woolie, Deus's mechanical design guru.
The Winner, a CX500 ridden from Portland ,Oregon
 These six bikes took the trophies.
 Beautiful Ducati 250 Scrambler was a deserved Winner
 The Judges liked this amazingly stock Guzzi with El Mirage layed out look.
 Nick O'Kine's TL-R 1000 was incredible! and he did an impromptu, gear banging burn-out that had the big Suzy singing a wonderful song.
 Johnny Jump's 500 Ascot Twin.
 Vintage looking 500 Yammie
Mad Max's grocery getter.

Brian Bent's 1938 Studey Hauler
Last years winners are from Bixby ,Texas and did a nice little two step, poop in your hat dance to get the Trophy Presentation going.