Sunday, February 15, 2015

IV League Del Mar Short Track - Hot Pros and Regular Joes.

The I.V. League are doing one hell of a job at re-awakening the Flat Track scene in San Diego with the fantastic Del Mar Short Track Races. Seasoned Pros and regular Joes are flocking to the covered dirt track in the Equestrian Center right next to the famed Del Mar Mile. February 14th's race was action packed with what looks like a changing of the guard in the Pro ranks. Davis Fisher, all of 17 years old, handled a field of solid Pros, including GNC No.1 Jared Mees, Henry Wiles,Kayl Kolkman, Sammy Halbert, Mike Rush, Mikey Martin and more and showed them all some Short Trackin'. Fisher showed his hand by stylishly winning the Dash, so all the Pros new they had a task ahead of them to beat the kid.Nothing but great fun for all those watching. The I.V. League has a great variety of classes which enticed Old and New riders to come out and screw it on around the nicely prepared paperclip track. A Double Header on both 7th and 8th of March is next on the agenda.
Davis Fisher has proven he is the next big thing.
Regular Joes back at it and having heaps of fun.
Hammerin' Hank getting tuned up for Daytona.
Mikey Martin won a battle royale heat race and shows he hasn't lost any of his 450 prowess.
The Del mar Short Track is small in size and huge in entertainment value
James Monaco AMA # 23z rode his Dad Bub Monaco's 450 and as usual, was spectacular and fast.
Bob Nichol's Indian Scout sounded incredible blowing through its new,huge, reverse cone megas
"Too Fast" Tom Ferguson put in another strong ride on Jim McMurren's Harley Sprint
Steve Kukla's Yamaha Banshee powered Short Tracker was easily the wildest sounding bike in the entire field
Kayl Kolman rode the Dodge Bros Indian Scout in the Brakeless class and looked to have them handled until he spun it out in turn three and the field pounced on the opportunity and left him to eat their dust. Kayl miraculously kept it going ( Foot Clutch, Hand Shift)? and got back to hauling ass. Kolkman is incredible to watch and to see him whip that Indian is something to behold.
Triumph 500 VS Indian 750 in the Brakeless Class. #27 Apple, won the Main after years off of Dirt Trackers.
Travis Petton an old pro, showed how to get the job done, winning another one.
Bengie with that Flat Track smile.