Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mike Kidd's CX Honda Flat Tracker

I'm at the NRA Shot Show in Vegas this week, which means a pilgrimage to Red Rock Harley to commune with a lot of incredible racing machines including this Jerry Griffith built flipped sideways V-Twin Honda. Kidd won the Championship on a Harley and Honda hired him and his nice,new, No.1 Plate and put them both on this incredible Dirt Tracker. Honda were serious about winning the Championship outright and this was the start of something big. It wasn't easy but they committed and eventually got the job done with skill and perseverance. Honda's involvement was the best thing to happen to Flat Track but after they eventually dominated, they pulled out and it seemed like the worst thing they could have done for the sport. Flat Track is obviously fantastic and the Grand National Championship weathered the storm and is back strong with world recognition and a real appreciation for what is the greatest show on earth.