Sunday, January 18, 2015

Del Mar Short Track, IV league Flat Track Group.

IV League is putting Del Mar back on the map and more power to them. A great turn out of riders and fans and everybody was having a great time. This is real grass roots racing with a wide variety of machinery. When one class rolled to the line with a bunch of classic two strokes, bean oiling the place up, the announcer says, "It is smokier in here than a Crack House in Victorville!" In the pre-race amble the same announcer talked about all the local races he had announced including the Long Beach Grand Prix and I remembered this guy and how good he was. One line of his I remember from Long Beach, when there was a complete lull in the program ,he comes on the mike and says, "Linda Lovelace, Linda Lovelace,to the announcing tower please!" At the time I thought that was the funniest thing I have ever heard.
Jeff Johnson was a joy to watch on the tight cushion 1/8th Del Mar
DT1 Perfection
A good look at the tight cornered Equestrian Center track. The Boozefighters have been Flat Trackers since the beginning,way back in the '40s with Cameron and the original founding members on their Harleys and Velocettes and still are to this day. I saw their Colors out there battling with the best of them.