Friday, September 26, 2014


Just as they were getting ready to get hot laps and qualifying started for the Grays Harbor Half Mile, a thick wet cloud settled on the track and soaked the place good and properly. They wheelpacked for hours, hoping to squeeze some of the moisture out of the track and all of a sudden the cloud lifted and they ask the fast guys if they wanted to see if the track was ridable. A cluster of them wobbled out onto the track and literally tested the waters. Halbert and Bonsey immediately cracked the throttle got up to speed. The rest took it very cautiously. When this test session was flagged everybody converged on Halbert to hear his opinion. "It's fast,slippery ,treacherous. My kind of track. Lets race !" The race was cancelled. Fortunately for all the racers and fans who traveled to the remote corner of Washington State, the AMA, the Promoter and the Track got together and announced they would try to run it the next day. They did and it was fantastic. The banked little half-mile provided intense close pack racing and we will be back next year.