Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Get Well Jim !

Jim McMurren has been through a real rough patch lately but, things are looking up and he is on the road to recovery albeit, minus a lower right leg. For a Harley Sprint racer, that's your shifting foot. Jim will have to perfect his third gear starts! "Too Fast" Tom Ferguson has been riding one of Jim's Sprints with great success and last Saturday night Round 9 SCFTA at Perris he won another Classic 500/750 Brakeless Main for the absent Team Sprint leader.Please send Jim some positive brain waves/ prayers.
Jim and Tom at Perris earlier this year.
This ones for you Jim ! Stand in Team Wrangler Roger gives the No.1 while Tom enjoys the moment. Winning never gets old.
The latest rendition of the H.D. 350 Sprint with new Ferguson Frame.