Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mees Mauls'em in Elma

Jared Mees put in one hell of a ride to win the Grays Harbor Half Mile in the tiny town of Elma Washington. On a very tricky,very banked clay bowl, Mees ran down and beat the very best in Grand National Racing. Washington Star, Sam Halbert looked like the guy who could take this whole deal. Fast Qualifier and Dash winner,Sammy took to the challenging track like an infant to its mom's tittay. In the main he grabbed that sucker and wrestled it for eight laps, leading with ease. Then the pack caught him and swallowed him whole. Kawi mounted Bryan Smith shot by him and into the lead for eleven laps while all hell broke loose behind him. Out of the scrum came Mees with a fist full of throttle and a very determined attitude. He had been battling tooth and nail to get here and he wasn't about to let it go. Fantastic effort and a really skilled ride to take his second GNC win this season. Jared really enjoyed the victory, I'm sure because it was so hard fought but, also because it catapulted him into the points lead. Six races down and eight to go. What an incredible season so far this year.