Sunday, July 20, 2014

Elma 1/2 Mile Rained Out ,Might be run Sunday

The North West is famous for it's absolutely diabolical rainy weather and it struck again today ,canceling the AMA National Elma 1/2 Mile. Things were looking fair throughout the morning but a stubborn soaking mist made the racing surface slick and unraceable. The spectators poured into the stands with a dubious feeling about the conditions and after a mammoth wheel packing session, two tough Washingtonians namely the Halbert Bros, Sam and Jethro volunteered to go out and see what it was like. They circulated the banked track and the crowd drank in the sounds of Harley and Kawasaki echoing in the big bowl,trying to get up to speed. Those guys made it look good. Not too long after, Bonsey, Coolbeth, Robinson, Mees and Sam came out on the track and hit it with as much gusto as they dared. Bonsey and Halbert were really exploring the limits and the other guys all had some heart in mouth moments and eased way back. They all pulled off and it was declared over. Bummer! Then it was announced they would try again tomorrow morning with Hot Laps starting at 10:15 am. Lets hope the Rain Gods have decided to party somewhere else.