Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sure cure for the Summertime Blues - SoCal Short Track Speedway

I say Short Track because that's how we race Speedway in the Southland. From Costa Mesa to the Inland Empire to the High Desert, it's one 1/8 Mile of total commitment on a groomed decomposed granite track.
World Champions have cut their racing teeth here since the early 20th century. Since the Milne Bros. wheelied on the front of the sports pages across the USA in the 30s, Speedway has held a tight knit , rabid fan base for close to a century with full throttle racing that is unequaled in close up gladiatorial motor sport entertainment. Nothing comes close. Go to the State Championships and as a street bike, dirt bike rider or racer, you will come away weak kneed.
Such is the ferocity and commitment of the competitors. Long Live Speedway.

Industry Hills is an incredible facility. Built on the top of a cone mesa in The City of Industry, way above  ( 1000' ) making it sound impervious to the the surrounding suburban neighbourhood . It is first a high brow roofed equestrian center that  transforms into a World Class Speedway Track. Just east of Downtown Los Angeles, it is with in reach of Millions of Motorcyclists. If you have'nt been GO !