Friday, April 11, 2014

Friends and Rivals

Two of the great guys of the GNC Championship. Tony Dodge (left) and David Zanotti.
Friendly rivals stand by Brad Bakers / Dodge Bros. 2013 No.1 Harley-Davidson at the TrailBlazers Banquet in Los Angeles ,Calif.
Tony Dodge and David Zanotti both live GNC Flat Track Racing.

Tony won the 2013 No.1 plate with  the incredible Washingtonian, Brad Baker.
Dodge Bros. Racing has been competing very successfully in the GNC for years but had never followed the complete circuit. 2013 and Tony and Brad raced all the races and came out on top after a terrific year long battle. Tony put together a fantastic crew with Dave and Kevin Atherton and Brad.
Harley stole Brad away to ride the Factory XR in 2014 but Brad will still ride Dodge Bros. bikes at selected events like Willow Springs that is coming right up.

David Zanotti Racing claim two GNC Championships in 2010 and 2011 with Jake Johnson riding.
David is inspired by his father , Mario Zanotti who claimed the GNC Championship in 1979 with Steve Eklund. In 2014 Zanotti Racing look like a powerhouse with none other than Kenny Coolbeth Jr and Stevie Bonsey riding the immaculate Zanotti machines. Both riders got on the box in Daytona, Kenny with a Win and Stevie a strong Third. These two guys and their outstanding team are going to make the season one to watch and really enjoy.