Monday, March 3, 2014

Jim McMurren AMA Expert #11 - H.D. Sprint Racer

Jim has been racing Sprints since they early 60's. In the summer time, Jim and his racing buddy Sid Carlson would pack up and take off from San Diego for three months of Mid West Flat Track Racing. Sante Fe in Chicago was the big attraction and Jim and Sid lived to race there . Jim has been a Sprint Tuner Supreme for decades and his bikes have always been fast and reliable. Tom Ferguson has won back to back 500 vs 750 Classic Brakeless Championships on Jim's 350 Sprint.
 Jim battles the now late, great Neil Keen who is riding one of the first DT1 Star Racers at the famous Sante fe Speedway

 Jim is putting the final touches on this potent little 250. He fired it up on the rollers for the very first time and it sounded strong.

Jim and Tom