Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bonneville 1964

 Don Vesco bump starts his 250 twin Yamaha and rode it to a 107mph record. He put a fairing on it and went 120 for another record. Don became the "Fastest Man On Two Wheels" not too many years later with a record of 318 mph which stood for an amazing 19 years. Don also claimed the fastest wheel driven car record with a speed of 458mph. Don had a need for speed.
 Fasted bike at the meet, Gary Richards 159 on this 40 inch Trumpet Fueler.
 Ira Mahoney went 128 on this supercharger Triumph Twin
 American Ingenuity, 650 DOHC Triumph Twin
 Bob Leppan tucked in to 119 on this 500 Triumph.
 Second fastest bike, 1500cc H.D went 156
750 Royal Enfield of James Enz nailed new record at 135.
The salt was slightly slippery in 1964 and caused wheelspin traction problems for just about all competitors.
Bert Monroe on his 1920 Indian Scout made one run at 182 but decided to stay off the slippery course.
It was probably a very wise move as many bikes crashed due to unfavorable conditions