Monday, February 17, 2014

Rush vs Bonsey SCFTA Pro Heat Race

With a large field of AMA Pros and Grand National Winners present at the SCFTA Opener at Perris ,Calif,
the racing was as expected, intense and fantastic, to say the least. A perfect example is this heat race where Mikey Rush squared off against Stevie Bonsey in a perfect display of why us Flat Track fans think this is the World's Greatest Motorsport. Bonsey , National #80 was riding a new to him, KTM with #5. To his credit, with no front fender.

 At the beginning of the second lap Rush came cookin' into one a hair hot and ran into Bonsey who handled it like the Expert he is and he pressed on.
 Rush had a slight advantage going down the back straight and took his left hand off the bars and waved Bonsey underneath him in clear indication of "My Bad , your spot". 

 Bonsey slid in front with Rush ready to race and they did , like the Pros they are.

I caught the whole back and forth ,which lasted the whole race.
A real thing of beauty but, bare with me for just a taste of what transpired.
Rush out of good Sportsmanship would not attempt another inside move and fought valiantly around the outside.

 They swapped the lead , back and forth the whole Heat in a display of what is possible on a Short Track
 Rush got in front on the last lap and Bonsey had to pitch it in, with a Hail Mary attack on Rush that was going to be Checkers or Wreckers. It didn't work but he keep it together and followed Mikey across the stripe. The Starter, thows up his hands in celebration of what he had just witnessed.
 The body language says it all . Rush elated and Stevie feeling the agony of defeat after having it in his grasp so many times in the brief 12 laps. These guys are fine honing their game for the Daytona Short track in a month and after seeing this epic battle, their ready and either one of them could win one or both races as Mikey Rush did last year.