Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Perris Pros

 Brad had an up and down weekend, literally. He was unbeaten here at Perris but couldn't get a win despite some awesome riding. And he ended up cross rutting and high siding in a last corner in the Main trying to pip Sammy at the checkers. 
 Sammy was riding really well and looked in control and clean. He was trying hard enough to take a soil sample in exactly the same place Brad endoed.
 Kayl Kolkman knows his way around Perris and was always up front and giving them hell.
 Bonsey was sorting out a new KTM and it sure looked to his liking. 
 Rush was once again the class of the field and unbeatable
Local Young Gun Dylan Morin showed his stuff in a heat where he dogged Baker and Halbert and looked like he was sizing Sammy up for a last corner inside pass. He went for it and just couldn't quite get it done. Exciting stuff from a new talent in the field.