Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tom Ferguson SCFTA Classic Brakeless Champ 2013

Tom won the 500/750 brakeless class for the second time in a row riding Jim McMurren's Harley Davidson Sprint. It was not an easy run for the No. 1 plate. Tom crashed about two thirds of the way through the season and broke his collar bone in three places but came back and never missed a race. Then the whole field piled up in one big ball and he buggered up a couple of other articulating parts but, kept on the gas with the goal of defending his 2012 No.1 plate, which he did. Congrats Tom , nice going with two in a row.

Jim McMurren ( right) and Rob North enjoy some shade at the last SCFTA race of the year.
The Harley Sprint in the same bike Mert Lawwill won the 1970 Houston Astrodome with.
Jim had many successful years riding the bike and now its pedigree continues with SCFTA history.
The Sprint is showing it's abuse from a couple of racing incidents this year but, it will be all pretty and ready for the start of the 2014 season.
Mr. Rob North has been an integral part of the San Diego racing fraternity for many, many years.
His fabrication reputation proceeds him and he is sought out by the Defense, Aerospace, Automotive and Motorcycle industries which keep his shop a fascinating place to visit. Rob still builds his famous Triple racing machines in house. I understand there is some wanker in England selling brand new Rob North Triples ( How is that possible ? ). If you want the genuine article, it can only come from the man himself in National City, California.